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Kimura announces partnership with currency overlay manager

Kimura Capital – 

London based commodity trade finance manager Kimura Capital LLP (Kimura) has announced the appointment of Tactical Global Management (TGM) to oversee and execute the currency hedging component of its commingled funds.

“Kimura’s Funds have multiple investors with different currency bases,” said Kimura founder and CIO Kristofer Tremaine. “TGM’s deep experience in running multi-currency overlay programs offered us an efficient solution to maximise the efficiency of the FX hedging component of our investment process as our AUM grows. The benefits of this arrangement will flow directly to investors.”

TGM CEO, Stephen Goode said “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Kimura. Commodity trade finance is an interesting space and currency management is an important component in managing a portfolio of trade contracts in different denominations, for investors in multiple global locations.”

About Kimura

Kimura was incorporated in 2013 to provide investment opportunities in the vast and expanding global commodity trade finance market. As global banks increasingly step bank from their traditional role in this space, Kimura has built counterparty relationships with more than 500 companies at a commercial trader and management level. This strong in-house deal origination ability, coupled with alliances with well-established commodity trade finance third parties in Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas allows Kimura to offer investment solutions from SMEs to larger financial institutions.

About Tactical Global Management

Founded in 1997, Tactical Global Management (TGM) provides tailored investment solutions for institutional clients globally, including pension funds, endowments, charities, banks, insurance companies and other fund managers.

With over $25 billion under overlay management. TGM’s tailored investment solutions include rebalancing, equitization, and currency hedging overlays, systematic equity, bond and currency alpha strategies, a low volatility equities strategy and a sustainable global equities strategy. TGM is also supporting and promoting Sustainable Impact Investing opportunities in both Australia and developing countries.